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What is Jesus Christ Only TV?


Jesus Christ Only TV is a divinely inspired digital media ministry and the exclusive host of The Everlasting Gospel Program and The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast. Jesus Christ Only TV has become a leading Christian Internet TV Network, a credible biblical resource for multitudes of people worldwide, and an authoritative spiritual platform for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The channel’s goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ online and profoundly assist people worldwide spiritually through God’s Word. Its programming is aimed at people of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths seeking to learn more about Jesus Christ, The Savior of humanity.

Jesus Christ Only TV‘s sole aim in its mission and purpose is to introduce Jesus Christ as The Only Savior and Lord of Heaven and Earth by providing thoroughly researched and biblically sound sermons with practical, in-depth analysis through scriptural evidence as written in God’s Holy Word, without altering, changing, or sugar-coating Scripture whatsoever, and are mission-driven to protect the integrity and sanctity of The Gospel and Truth as intended by The Living God.

The incredible value of preaching and introducing Jesus as The Christ and Only Savior of humanity form the cornerstone of the network’s strategy in service to God The Father and is the driving force behind the enduring commitment to implementing the great commission.

The importance of embracing and growing more in the knowledge of The Lord cannot be overstated. Still, it’s important to underscore the ministry’s impact on the connection between Christ and humanity due to its divinely appointed nature. The communication that Jesus Christ Only TV ministry affords and facilitates to the world is fundamentally invaluable spiritually. It acts as a truth conduit for delivering The Gospel from God to society, hence the emphasis on sticking to the Gospel’s biblical fundamentals and foundational structure of Scripture.

Jesus Christ Only TV inspires viewers to live a life guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and make a difference in their communities while bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit and continuing the work of building The Kingdom of God.

Why is Jesus Christ Only TV considered a leading Christian Internet TV?


Jesus Christ Only TV is considered a leading Christian Internet TV Network because of its commitment to providing high-quality and authentic Christian content. The platform is dedicated to sharing the message of Jesus Christ and promoting scriptural truth in various multimedia formats, including videos, podcasts/Radio, and blogs. What sets Jesus Christ Only TV apart from other Christian Internet TV stations is its emphasis on the strict delivery of scriptural sermons devoid of any entertainment or public appeasement. It adheres to sound biblical instructional content without compromising to accommodate popular cultural beliefs that permeate modern society today. It seeks to be biblically and not politically correct to only please The Master Jesus Christ Himself alone.

Jesus Christ Only TV

The station provides a wide range of Christian content; additionally, the platform is user-friendly, making it easy for viewers to navigate and access the Gospel easily and freely, without a charge, subscription, or fee.

Overall, Jesus Christ Only TV is a valuable spiritual resource and an incredible Kingdom asset freely available for Christians who seek to strengthen their faith and broadly learn more about Jesus as their Savior.

With its wide range of programs, such as sermons and movies about the Life of Jesus Christ on earth, Jesus Christ Only TV has become a go-to source for watertight sermons that Only glorify Christ. The channel’s unique approach to spreading the word of God has inspired many other Christian internet TV channels to follow in its footsteps. Jesus Christ Only TV has revolutionized how Christians can access and share their faith through the internet without charging the Gospel or asking viewers to subscribe. It also does not request or solicit any donations.

The network’s website offers a user-friendly interface, allowing viewers to browse their content library, search for specific topics, and customize their viewing preferences. Additionally, Jesus Christ Only TV has a solid social media presence and actively engages with its audience through various platforms.

One unique aspect of the network is its commitment to providing programming that makes it accessible to people from different parts of the world who may be limited in resources, hence a no membership and subscription approach.

Jesus Christ Only TV is the exclusive host of The Everlasting Gospel Program and The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast, which can be viewed freely online 24/7 without a subscription or membership requirement.

The Everlasting Gospel Program

The Everlasting Gospel Program is a spiritual initiative to bring people closer to God. The program is designed to instruct and inspire individuals on the principles of biblical Christianity. Believers are encouraged to live lives pleasing to God and are taught how to do so. The Everlasting Gospel Program offers sermons taped for worldwide distribution. These resources are designed to help individuals grow in their faith and deepen their understanding of God’s Holy Word. Overall, The Everlasting Gospel Program is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to strengthen their relationship with God and live Christian faith-based lives.

The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast

The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast is a globally recognized platform that provides its audience with a unique spiritual enlightenment and awareness. This broadcast is designed to instruct, inform, and educate its listeners on various aspects of life from a Christian perspective. The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast is a Christian broadcast program and a medium for the gospel outreach to lost souls and teaches to inspire positive change in the lives of its listeners to become loyal disciples of Christ. The team behind this broadcast comprises a humble servant of The Lord Jesus Christ, seasoned speaker, broadcaster,  Executive Director, and Host Evangelist  Peter Gee, who shares twenty-five years of experience and expertise in various fields, including Christian media,  strategic management,  sits on the board of more than fifteen Christian nonprofit organizations as an executive advisor and is also passionate about helping individuals become better versions of themselves. Please tune in to The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast today and be a part of the community of disciples committed to living obedient lives to the glory of Christ.

Preaching Christ to the world.

Jesus Christ Only TV is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel with people worldwide. Through its various programs, such as The Everlasting Gospel Program and The Voice Of Many Waters Broadcast, the network provides a platform for individuals to hear and understand the message of Jesus Christ in a simple, direct, concise, and articulate biblical language that is easy to understand. Preaching Christ to The World is the ministry’s mantra and slogan that works to fulfill Matthew 24:14

Additionally, Jesus Christ Only TV partners with other ministries and organizations worldwide to support their efforts in spreading the Gospel and helping those in need. The network is geared towards providing valuable information that can impact lives for eternity. With its dedication to quality content, user-friendly interface, and global reach, Jesus Christ Only TV is a valuable resource for Christians who want to grow in their faith and make a difference. Tune in today and be inspired!

Jesus Christ Only TV