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The popular belief among Christians that Jesus will return to earth at any moment has confused the definition of the end times. Many people think the end times are nearer when they are far off. Although not dates, the Rapture, the day of the Lord, and the second coming have similar meanings. Each of these phrases describes a specific event that will signal the end times and the eventual return of Jesus Christ to earth in the second coming.
Despite their similar meaning, each of these subjects is singularly unique and has its characteristics. In the following study of eschatology, those three events and days referencing milestones of the end times are clearly explained for the viewers to follow and study and understand what Jesus put in place prophetically. A topic He covered when He taught and described those three events vividly during the Olivet discourse, as entailed in the entire chapter of Matthew 24
The second coming is commonly referred to as the Rapture when referring to the non-disruptive event preceding it. The word ‘rapture’ comes from the Latin meaning to snatch up forcefully, albeit with joy and non-violently, as believers in Christ are removed from the earth to meet in the Air with the Lord. The word ‘rapture’ may also refer to a sudden moment of surprise. There are many definitions for this term. Although not a date, the second coming is a violent and disruptive event that will alter life on earth when Christ returns from Heaven with all the saints in glory to the mount of olives.
The Rapture and the second coming are events awaited by believers of Christ. Unlike the day of the Lord, which is designated as a tough day judgment to punish sinners, unbelievers, and heathens who reject God and His Word.
The day of the Lord refers to an event that takes place after the Rapture and before the second coming. This event consists of calamities or judgments prophesied in Joel 2 and other Bible passages. Many believe this is when world leaders witness a significant catastrophe or end up being overthrown by an army from Heaven.
The Bible describes catastrophic events on the day of the Lord like no other day since creation. These devastating events of the day of the Lord are so severe since they will be orchestrated from Heaven and much more potent than the judgments poured out during the great tribulation where God used the seven trumpets and seven bowl judgments to punish the unbelievers.
Indescribable events and judgments will climax on the day of the Lord. But, regardless of what happens, those expecting Jesus’ return do not have to fear the Day of The Lord since they will all be in Heaven awaiting to return with Him in the second coming immediately after the day of the Lord has concluded.
Since each of these events describes something different, it is easy to understand why so many people confuse them. The three events are far apart and involve diverse groups of people who expect other things from God’s return. However, since these are all biblically scheduled natural disasters, namely, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes. They can confirm that Jesus’ returns are getting closer, even though several other significant biblical milestones must happen first before He could rapture the Church and then return with the saints in the second coming.
No one should be complacent or expect Jesus to return today or at any moment- but the Bible is there to correct prior expectations by Christians about His imminent return.; He CANNOT return at any time until the antichrist has signed the 7-year peace agreement and the Church has been allowed to go through the Tribulation period.!
The Rapture is when Jesus Christ returns in the Air to meet the resurrected saints from the grave and those alive and remain according to the scripture. Jesus Christ shall NOT return to earth during this time but shall only meet in the Air with the resurrected saints and the living saints who are changed rapidly and quickly in a flash transformation during this time of the Rapture.
The Day of the Lord is a Day that will come right before our Lord Jesus Christ returns in the second coming. According to the scripture, this day shall last for a day and a half. It will be a day when God will judge all His people (Israel). Nevertheless, the Church will be in Heaven when the Day of the Lord happens, waiting to return together with The Lord in the Second coming, riding white horses.